Academy Performance

The entire design of the Greystone program is intended to support enhanced performance academically, athletically and as a leader at the academy.  By elevating the level of expectation while at prep school from the high school level to the university level, students are challenged to perform “up” rather than perform at a lower level that does not prepare them for the challenge or rigor they can expect at the academies.

Academy Scholar

Academically, Greystone students are better prepared to engage the challenges presented to first year academy students by having the experience of their freshman year of college under their belt.  What makes this more significant is that the college-level experience is provided by Schreiner University.  Schreiner is a 4-year, fully accredited liberal arts institution that provides an extremely similar academic environment to that which awaits them at the academies.  Due to the small class size (18-22 students in a class) and a full PhD teaching the course, the level of performance and expectation mimics that of the service academies.  Academic experience at this level is the key to enhanced academic performance at the academy.  Schreiner academic experience forces Greystone students to learn how to study for college-level courses, how to manage their time to deliver a higher quality product to their professor for the grade that will demonstrate to the academies their true academic potential, how to resolve academic setbacks when their performance fails to make the grade and how to resolve those setbacks when they do occur – all experiences that are key to enhanced academic performance at the academies. Academic excellence at Schreiner University translates into academy academic excellence which can be a significant “leg up” for academy first-year cadets or midshipmen.  Sustained academic excellence at the academy translates into expanded career opportunities and options following graduation – but the key is that the cadet or midshipman will graduate!  Greystone is committed to empowering our students to earn their academy appointments by demonstrating their university-level academic abilities, but more importantly, these same university-level academic abilities support sustained superior performance through four years of academy academic opportunity – and that is the major difference between Greystone and other academy preparatory schools.

Academy Athlete

Athletically, Greystone students are initially challenged to push their performance to a higher level to maximize their CFA scores, however, the true purpose behind the Greystone athletic program is physical conditioning.  Greystone students learn about the importance and benefits of being physically fit and how daily workouts can lead to not only better performance on graded or timed activities, it also leads to a healthy lifestyle.  The physical conditioning routine developed while at Greystone is something they can sustain while at the academy and beyond.  Fitness for life!

Academy Leader

As leaders, all Greystone students experience the true meaning of responsibility and accountability which translates directly to their evolution as leaders at the academy level.  The intent of the Greystone experience is to provide each student with the experience and expertise needed to develop a sense of self-confidence and self-assurance whenever put into a leadership position.  Greystone also affords each member of the team with the opportunity to try different leadership techniques to determine what works and what does not work.  Experience in a controlled leadership laboratory ensures that young leaders are capable of significant growth and maturity once they arrive at the academy – Always Ready…For Them!


Due to the nature of college life on a university campus, Greystone students tend to grow up and mature quickly.  To further this process, interaction with a group of similarly motivated men and women who are also academy candidates also helps to ensure upward maturity rather than stymied growth when thrust into environments consisting of younger and unmotivated students.  By presenting themselves as more mature when they arrive at the academies, Greystone students do not fall victim to the emotional or immature pranks/activities that prove to be the downfall of many cadets or midshipmen who are not ready for the academy-level challenge. Maturity, like a strong sense of professionalism, stands out as a positive beacon just as much as immaturity and unprofessionalism stands out as a negative beacon.

Dedication and Determination

The constant push to maintain focus on the mission – what each Greystone student is there to accomplish – develops a strong sense of dedication and determination that helps our candidate stand out more positively as a cadet or midshipman once they arrive at the academy.  Determination and focus helps academy students to push through when times are more challenging and it sustains them when things go wrong – and at the academies, things do sometimes go wrong!  Dedication to the mission helps to overcome and endure the difficult times and conversely, enables significant celebration during times of success and accomplishment.

Honor and Conduct

The Greystone Professional Development program is instrumental in keeping cadets and midshipmen within the guidelines established by the academy honor code/concept, the academy rule book and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.  Knowledge, understanding and having a solid appreciation for the right and wrong indications from a well-adjusted moral compass ensures that each Greystone student enters the academy with a strong sense of honor, character and integrity.  This, more than anything else, will ensure that they complete their academy experience with little or no difficulty.

Life Skills

Finally, it is the time-management and study skills as well as their hands-on experience as leaders that allow them to excel at the academies.  These skills and experiences are provided to each Greystone student for the purpose of empowering them to excel while engaged in Greystone and Schreiner University, but more importantly, they will continue to refine and enhance their skills and experiences throughout their academy opportunity.  Time management, the ability to focus and the experience of leadership combine to provide a strong foundation upon which they will assume the responsibility of leadership and succeed.  The sooner they can receive these skills and begin having such experiences the sooner they will evolve into the leader they will become.  Like the journey of 1000 miles, it must start with the first step!

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