Career Opportunities

The advantages of the Greystone program are often not experienced immediately, but rather over time.  In particular, the advantages of the university-level experience while not appreciated immediately by the student, does translate into performance that does command the attention of the academy admissions board during the appointment process.  Additionally, the Schreiner academic experience further translates into enhanced academic performance once the Greystone student engages the academic challenges in the classroom.  Sustained superior performance over their 4-year academy experience will elevate their class standing with can have a considerable impact on the scope and selection of career opportunities made available to the cadet or midshipman following graduation.  The higher the academy academic GPA, the wider the selection of career opportunities and options presented to the future officer.  For those seeking billets that are competitive (aviation, Special Forces, nuclear power, medical, etc.), it is in their best interests to excel academically throughout all four years – and getting a good start academically will set the tone for continued success in the classroom.

The Greystone experience also enables candidates to look into the future to see where their career in the military will take them.  Once we can see the endpoint, we begin the process of determining how to get from where they are at the moment to where they see themselves in the future.  This exercise culminates in the development of their Goals and Ambitions Statement.  It is through this document that the students are able to not only see which academy or officer program will help them to reach their goal, but more importantly, which academic major is required to empower them to use their education to further their military career toward their goal.  Greystone students use this document as a guide that helps them to not only stay focused on their goal, but it also helps to keep them motivated academically, athletically and emotionally toward their goal – while at Greystone and beyond!  It is a terrific tool that empowers the Greystone student to stay the course when times get tough and it provides a “gut check” should they be tempted by action that could derail their future.


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