Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks

About Us

In 2004, the Greystone program began operation as the nation’s newest & most unique civilian service academy preparatory school. Our mission was simple then: Empower young men and women to earn their appointment to the service academy of their choice.

In the time that has passed, Greystone has evolved, and so too has our mission. It was not long after our beginning that the primary mission that served to empower our students in the academies was determined to be lacking. We felt strongly that we should do more for our candidates who desired such a noble ambition – to serve our country as academy-trained and educated leaders. Greystone was determined to expand the mission to expand our methods of empowering candidates to earn their academy appointments and begin a process to ensure that our students graduated from the academies.

The program used to launch Greystone in 2004 is not the program in use today. Greystone had to be a dynamic program that embraces change because the academies are always changing. The competition for appointments is driving the admissions requirements to ever-higher levels. What established the highest admissions qualifications that earned academy appointments just a few years ago fall well short of the mark today – and those qualifications enabled thousands of cadets and midshipmen to serve this nation successfully for many years! Academy admissions requirements evolve; therefore, as the needs of the academies change – Greystone must also evolve.

Being stagnant is the primary reason Greystone came into being – existing academy prep programs had not changed for many years. Therefore, a gap was created between where prep school students ended the prep process and where the academies expected them to be – especially after a year of prep! This gap was growing larger and needed to be eliminated – enter Greystone!

Through our partnership with the University of the Ozarks, Greystone can keep pace with the academies’ evolving needs and eliminate the gap. As the Director of Admissions at USMA said, if possible, she would send all candidates to Greystone before they entered the Academy because of all we do for our students. Through the Greystone experience, candidates learn, grow, and mature – and are more likely to graduate. From the academy perspective, an increase in quality academy graduates means more quality officers serving in the fleet and field.

Our nation wants and needs our military to be capable and competent. The academy graduate represents the core of the officer ranks and is of vital importance to the military and our nation’s success. Since our beginning, Greystone has sent over 500 young men and women to the academies. We are part of the solution and contribute to the success of our military and this nation.

Our mission has evolved to serve the needs of all our students wherever and whenever they need us. Greystone is a life-long commitment of service to our students and the academies. The Greystone experience has been referred to as more than a school or a team, but rather as a family – people who care about each other and have something in common – an endless passion for serving and leading. Greystone means becoming part of something much more significant than yourself, and through your involvement, your efforts will matter to the success of the academy, the services, and this nation.