Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks

Greystone Enhancement

Experience the difference.

Candidate Focused

The Greystone experience is not completely focused on the university-level academics.  There is another side to the experience entirely focused on preparing the candidate to compete for their congressional nominations, academy appointments and most importantly, their academy experience.  This experience is provided by Greystone.

Make no mistake, Greystone is also dedicated to the tasks of ensuring that you maximize your academic credentials as well as your leadership and athletic credentials – we do it all because academy preparation is all we do!  Because of our ability to focus our efforts and resources on the needs of each candidate as they excel through the entire academy appointment process, Greystone enhances every aspect of the experience to ensure that candidates are able to maximize their time and effort – that is the Greystone difference!  Focus on only academy preparation means we are not distracted by things that are happening within or outside of the University – we are focused completely on our candidates.

Academic Oversight

Lee with appointment letter displayed.

Grades are not given away; they are earned through hard work and dedication to the learning process.  Unfortunately, not every Greystone student who enters the program is ready for university-level academics.  For this reason, Greystone empowers students to get directly involved in their academic success.  For example, Greystone students must calculate their grade in each course and then have it verified by their professor.  These grades are collected every Friday by the Greystone Academic Coordinator who then calculates the Class GPA, identifies students experiencing academic difficulties and submits the report to the Greystone Academic Director.  Students with less than a “B” in any course must meet with their professor to determine what happened to cause the drop in their grades, discuss a valid plan to recover from their situation, sign up for a tutor in that subject and join a Greystone study group (a gathering of Greystone students with the same professor who will review all lectures, notes, homework and study for tests and exams together).  Working with the – professors, academic center and tutors as well as the Greystone Staff – helps the student to understand that “action” must be taken to resolve academic problems while at Ozarks and when they get to the academies.  These lessons not only empower the student to take responsibility for their grades, it also enhances the feeling of satisfaction having solved their own academic difficulties and then inspires them to continue the effort in order to build a better grade.