Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks

Class Schedule for Free Agents

As a free agent, your curriculum at Greystone and University of the Ozarks reflects what you will see during your plebe year at any of the academies. 

You will be enrolled in general freshman courses that are recommended by academy admissions officers. Our Academic Director will register you for your first semester and will guide you through the registration process in the second semester. You can see the classes that the majority of our free agent students take during their year at Greystone, below:

  1. General Chemistry I & II (with lab component)
  2. English I & II
  3. Math I & II (Pre-Calculus, Calc I, Calc II, Linear Algebra, etc.)
  4. History I & II or Military Science I
  5. IDST (Freshman Studies coupled with Leadership Training and Character Development)
  6. Second Semester Elective

Thanks to our relationship with University of the Ozarks, class schedules can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our students. Each Greystone student is evaluated across the different subjects to determine the class they should be enrolled in. For example, if a student was enrolled in one year of AP Calculus in high school and scored well on the AP Exam, they should take Calculus II as their first semester math course and then move on to Calculus III or Linear Algebra in the spring semester. To do otherwise, to ‘repeat’ a course, tells Academy Admissions that you’re unwilling to challenge yourself, that you’re taking the easy road to inflate your GPA. With this flexibility in class schedules, we can ensure that our students are challenged, but not overwhelmed.

If you have questions about the Greystone academic program, please contact Greystone at 479-979-2601.