Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks
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Academy Preparation

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The Greystone Preparatory School began operation in 2004 and has recently moved the entire service academy prep program to the University of the Ozarks. After 16 years of highly successful operations where Greystone has sent almost 500 candidates to the academies, Greystone moved to the University of the Ozarks to enable more students to afford their year of private university education.

The foundation of the Greystone academy prep experience is the high-quality university education. The intent is to provide students with the exact same courses they will be offered in their first year at the academies. All Greystone students will enroll in Calculus, Chemistry, English Composition, American History and Military Science I. Based upon your high school credentials, your starting point in the core curriculum will change slightly, but students will still be allowed to enroll in no more than 19 credit hours per semester. Successful completion of the core curriculum will afford Greystone students with the opportunity to validate these courses at the academy or to retake these courses for a much higher grade. This is a significant advantage that cannot be overlooked for those reapplying to the academy because it is a value that is not offered to candidates from any other prep program.

The Future

Ozarks not only provides an exceptional education, but it also offers a broader opportunity for our students to excel in other areas beyond the classroom. In addition to the high-quality education, Greystone will provide students with a dynamic physical conditioning program specifically designed to focus on those muscle groups needed to excel in the Candidate Fitness Assessment. Students will also be engaged in a time-management course as well as an effective communications course, character development course and leadership training course. Greystone also offers students to get a head start on their year at Ozarks by providing the incoming Class with a 3-week summer session where they will refine their nomination and academy paperwork to ensure it is pristine. Academy candidates will only have one opportunity to make an outstanding first impression and that’s exactly what Greystone has been doing for the past 16 years. Thanks to Greystone, this program has empowered 88% of our students to earn their academy nominations and appointments.

Through Ozarks, academy prep candidates will now have the opportunity to work with other students who seek different paths to their commission. For Greystone academy prep students, exposure to others who aspire to serve will only enhance your success as an academy candidate. Along with academy prep students, the Greystone team will include students enrolled in a variety of commissioning programs (Army ROTC, USMC PLC, NUPOC/CECP and OCS). To ensure that academy prep students are eligible for all State and Federal Tuition Assistance as well as able to utilize any VA education benefits afforded to them through their parent’s service, all academy prep students will be co-enrolled in one of the commissioning programs listed above. This will not detract from your Greystone academy prep experience – it will only make it better!

Options and Opportunities

Earning your academy appointment is not a certainty – not even for candidates who are sponsored by an academy! With that being said, the reason for the creation of Greystone was to provide all candidates options should they not earn their appointment. By enrolling in the Greystone program as an academy candidate, it is essential that everyone co-enroll in one of the 4-year programs supported by the Greystone program. This may sound confusing, but it is important for all who fall short of their academy goal to have a back-up plan in place ensuring they can pursue their commission. Additionally, co-enrolling in one of the 4-year programs enables all academy bound candidates to return to Greystone as an Ozarks sophomore and reapply to an academy if they desire or remain in the 4-year program through graduation and commissioning. Given the success rate of Greystone students enrolled in the Academy Prep program, for those few who do not earn their academy appointment, there are plenty of options and opportunities to maximize your efforts to realize your dream of service to our nation as a commissioned officer.