Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks

Professional Development

Greystone is dedicated to the development of young men and women who desire to serve our nation as academy trained and educated leaders of character, honor and integrity.

To accomplish this goal, Greystone has developed a Character Development and Leadership Training program that was derived from academy character development, leadership, military law and honor programs.  With the help of the academies, we have created an introductory series of courses, professional lectures and experiences that enable candidates to grow professionally as future academy leaders.

Character Development

Land Navigation Exercise

The Greystone Character Development course is intended to empower students to understand and appreciate the purpose behind the honor codes/concepts at the five Federal Service Academies.  Through their own research, students learn the meaning behind character, integrity, truth, trust and honor and are then able to extrapolate that into the development of their own honor code or concept.  By October, the Greystone students have worked together as a team to agree upon their Class Honor Code/Concept.  This process while at times is cause for much debate and discussion, results in the official unveiling of this document to the Hill Country Community. The greater Kerrville community – including veterans and community leaders – attend this very special presentation and the entire production is overseen by LtCol John Young.  The reason for the presentation is to allow the Greystone students the opportunity to state in public what their intentions are while at Greystone and how they will carry forward this experience to the academies.  Once presented, the Honor and Conduct Committees are able to answer questions regarding their Honor Code and then all Greystone students will sign their name to the document.  Their signature means they are willing to abide by this Code/Concept – a higher standard – because that is what is expected of them when they arrive at the academies.

Leadership Training

Like the Greystone Character Development course, the Leadership Training course is intended to empower students with a knowledge of and appreciation for the unique obstacles that await them as leaders.  The objective of the course is to allow the candidate to research the various conduct programs at the academies and then to empower them to develop their own “guidelines” that they will live within while at Greystone.  The guidelines serve as boundaries that the students cannot cross because they signify academy candidate “show stoppers”. As academy candidates, students cannot engage in drug use, alcohol consumption or activities leading to a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and therefore the students include a prohibition of such activities while at Greystone.  Along with their Honor Code/Concept, the Standards of Conduct are presented to the community and signed as part of the ceremony.  The development of the Standards of Conduct as well as the Honor Code/Concept serves to develop the “moral compass” within each student – the ability to choose intelligently between right and wrong.  As a leader, it is imperative that they have an intrinsic ability to make the right decisions quickly – there is often little time to search through a reference document or seek legal advice.  Creating both documents in the initial portions of the Character Development and Leadership Training courses sets the stage for further development during the remainder of the semester and into the Spring semester.

Greystone Honor and Conduct Committees

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Once the students sign their Honor Code or Concept and their Standards of Conduct, they assume the responsibility of maintaining both documents in the minds of their classmates. This is accomplished by a series of presentations intended to reinforce the tenants of the Code/Concept and Standard. Since this is a student developed program, it is also a student enforced program that is overseen by the Executive Director. Any Greystone student suspected of violating the Code/Concept or the Standard is immediately investigated by either the Honor or Conduct Committee. Should the Committee feel that sufficient evidence indicates that a violation may have occurred; the case is then presented to the entire Class where they are allowed to hear from the accused as well as ask questions. A vote is taken that determines the fate of the student – majority rules. Because of this program, many Greystone students have gone on to represent their Academy Honor Code/Concept. Additionally, partially because of the experience provided by this program, no Greystone student has ever been removed from the academies for an honor or conduct offense.

Klocko Leadership Lecture Series

The Klocko Leadership Lecture series is named in memory of Mr. John Klocko – one of the three incorporators of the Greystone program.  This lecture series is a major part of the Professional Development of each Greystone student because it exposes the students to leaders who have “been there, done that”.  It is by their experiences in the Fleet, Field and Air that students begin to appreciate the true meaning of leadership – and the responsibilities they will be held accountable for as they advance.  Greystone students have been fortunate to receive presentations by General Mike Hagee, Former Commandant of the Marine Corps, Lieutenant General Dave Palmer, Former Superintendent of the Military Academy at West Point, Brigadier General James Brady, Medal of Honor recipient, Ambassador Ronald Hatchett, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Robert Gaylor, Former Staff Sergeant Donald Lorton, President and CEO of Maytag to name just a few.

Hatchett Character Lecture Series

The Hatchett Character Lecture Series is named in honor of Dr. Ronald Hatchett who was a graduate of the USAFA Class of ’66, Ambassador to Austria and most importantly, a beloved retired faculty member of Schreiner University.  Through this series, students are exposed to speakers who discuss the meaning of character and how it impacts the military world the Greystone students are about to enter.  To date, Greystone students have been honored to hear from Captain Corky Frost, USCGA Class of 1987 and Mr. Peter Vann, USMA Class of 1956 and West Point all-American Football Player. Whether it is their actions on the bridge of a Coast Guard Cutter or on the football field with Coach Vince Lombardi, both men spoke of the importance of character and how it affected their lives.


The University of the Ozarks is in a Cross town partnership with the University of Central Arkansas and the Bayonet Battalion to provide Greystone students with Army ROTC. This means our students will wear OCPs on the days they have their ROTC classes/labs. If you are interested in learning the basics of those who serve in the Armed Forces, this is a HUGE opportunity regardless of the academy you desire to attend. Army ROTC cadets will enroll in Military Science I (MS-1), and this course will last through two semesters