Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks

Summer Program

Students arrive early to get ahead in the application process.

For those candidates who are serious about earning their academy nominations and appointments, the summer following graduation from high school provides an extraordinary opportunity to get ahead of the other candidates competing for your appointment!  While those other candidates are in “party” mode, you will be getting yourself prepared for the year that will change your life!


Beginning in June, Greystone students who have committed to University of the Ozarks (paid their commitment fee) are eligible to participate in a once-a-week series of online training sessions (GoToWebinars) hosted by Greystone.  Each training session is designed to educate and train the candidate and parents on items like nomination sources and academy pre-applications.  Students not only learn about ways that Greystone maximizes the application process through a proven Greystone method, but students will also be provided with valuable training needed to excel at the university and academy level.  During the GoToWebinars, students learn to create their own individualized Greystone products – the Goals and Ambitions Statement, Resume, Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, 30-second Elevator Speech and a personalized Physical Conditioning program designed to get you ready for Greystone PT.  These products are used as the foundation upon which candidates will build their nomination and academy applications, as well as serve as instruments that introduce each candidate to his/her true purpose behind seeking their academy appointment.  The more a candidate refines each of the products, the more he/she becomes comfortable using their contents in discussions and interactions. This knowledge in the document is internalized by the candidate who can then relay that information to their nomination interviews, academy recruiter interviews and interviews with those who will write their Letters of Recommendation.  Our goal is to use the summer GoToWebinars as training opportunities that give our candidates a significant leg up over their competition.

By using the summer to get a running start on all that must be completed prior to the beginning of the academic year, candidates will launch into their first university semester with a significantly smaller administrative burden placed upon them by the nomination and academy application process.  And as such, they are free to focus on those things that the academies are very interested in – their performance as a full-time university freshman, athlete and leader!  For the re-applicant, the academies are looking for improvement across the broad spectrum of qualification criteria – sustained academic excellence, athletic improvement on the CFA and further development as a leader.  Therefore, the more that can be accomplished during the summer, the further ahead the student will be during the entire semester.  As the semester progresses and interest items (grades, CFA scores, SAT/ACT scores, ECAs, Community Service, etc.) are improved and accomplished, updates will be submitted to the nomination sources and the academies.  The intent is to ensure your best information is always on file during the application process.

Early Arrival

6CFA Group Support

Non-Greystone candidates who get behind in any part of the academy application process – especially while on your own without oversight and supervision – are more apt to submit a sub-standard application.  Keep in mind; the academies are looking for reasons to say “no” to a candidate.  A poorly written, incorrect, inaccurate or late application provides several such reasons!  Do yourself and your future a favor and use the summer to maximize your advantage.  While all other academy re-applicants are enjoying their summer doing things that will not help them earn that all-important academy appointment, you should be engaging in a program that empowers you to excel as a candidate – far beyond where you were at the end of the last application cycle.  Thus far, Greystone is the only program offering a structured and organized summer program that is focused on you and the achievement of your academy dream.

The Greystone program is constantly evolving, thanks to input received from the academies and most importantly from our graduates.  Their recommendations and insight help to ensure that time spent at Greystone provides a significant return in terms of meaning and applicability to the challenges to be faced by each candidate. To ensure that the nomination and academy application packages are complete, correct and ready to be sent, Greystone candidates arrive early for our Summer Session and are provided one-to-one oversight of their academy packages.  During this additional time, students move in to the Greystone dormitory and experience what is referred to as “Greystone Light” – a modified Physical Training (PT) program and abbreviated daily routine focused on completion of packages.  Early arrival not only ensures completion of the admin challenge, but students will begin the bonding process of the “team.”  Again, the purpose behind the early arrival program is to provide candidates with the opportunity to have the Greystone staff, University faculty and our volunteers review each part of the nomination and academy application packages.  Additionally, academy recruiters (ALOs, MAARs, BGOs, FFOs, etc.) will also be present during this period to discuss the specifics of their academies and provide advice, guidance and recommendations. 

6CFA Group Support

As part of the feedback opportunity afforded to the academies and our former Greystone students, Summer Session is now part of the Greystone experience for the purpose of ensuring that all application packages are not just completed – they are perfected. Time that has historically been devoted to completion of the nomination and academy applications during the academic year will now be dedicated to academic, physical and leadership excellence!