Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks


University Education, Leadership Enhancement

Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC)

The Greystone Preparatory School has expanded well beyond our traditional prep program to offer new opportunities for students interested in pursuing their 4-year university education leading to their Bachelor’s degree and a commission as an officer. Through the Navy, students enrolled in Ozarks can take advantage of a unique scholarship opportunity for those interested in pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) degree and upon graduation, using this education to receive advanced training as a Nuclear Qualified officer. The Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) offers extensive scholarship support, as well as a monthly stipend for those interested students pursuing their 4-year Ozarks education. As a NUPOC student, you will be a full-time non-uniformed Ozarks student focused on maximizing your studies and upon graduation, you will commission as an officer in the Navy.

Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP)

In addition to the NUPOC program, the Navy offers another opportunity to those Ozarks students interested in pursuing a 4-year degree in Engineering or Architecture. The Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP) offers deserving students a variety of scholarships as well as a monthly stipend. As with the NUPOC program, CECP participants are full-time and non-uniformed students on the Ozarks campus and at the end of their first 2 years, would transfer to another school of their choice for their last 2 years. Starting your CECP experience at Ozarks means you will receive the fundamentals that will enable you to pursue your studies and maximize your education so that you commission on time and with a degree in engineering or architecture. Upon graduation, CECP candidates receive their commission as officers in the Naval Civil Engineering Corps.

NUPOC and CECP Challenge

As a full-time student at the University of the Ozarks, qualified students are also offered to participate in Greystone while they are in the NUPOC program or the CECP. Co-enrollment in Greystone allows these students a “leg-up” to enhance their academic, athletic and leadership performance. The courses required by NUPOC and CECP are demanding as are the physical entry requirements. Involvement in the Greystone program will enable students to seriously engage in the many academic challenges by providing students with time-management, effective communication, structure, organization and oversight to maximize your scholastic performance. NUPOC and CECP students must maximize their Ozarks academic opportunity because for these aspiring leaders, higher grades translate into expanded commissioning opportunities following graduation.

In addition to the proven Greystone academic program, NUPOC and CECP students are also afforded the opportunity to fully prepare themselves physically. As future leaders in the Navy, fitness is key to any officer’s performance and therefore, involvement in the Greystone Physical Conditioning Program (PCP) is essential. Whether you engage in the Greystone PCP on a daily basis or a few times weekly, students will become stronger, develop endurance and a desire to engage in regular physical conditioning as part of a healthy lifestyle. Greystone not only tracks all student fitness performance; we coach students in those areas that need additional assistance to ensure all students are able to pass all physical training tests prior to commissioning.

Scholar, Athlete and Leader

Finally, leadership is a life-long learning experience. As future Naval officers it is imperative that they are capable of leading – anytime and anywhere. Enrollment in the Ozark’s Greystone program will offer leadership opportunities at various levels to students as they progress through their 2 or 4-year Ozarks experience. NUPOC and CECP students will oversee other junior USMC PLC, OCS and NUPOC/CECP students as they progress through their training. Additionally, they will benefit from the direct hands on leadership experience as part of the Greystone leadership team. By excelling in all three areas of concern for Navy – performance as a scholar, athlete and leader – you will stand out as an exceptional NUPOC/CECP candidate. The intent of affiliating with the Greystone program is to empower all NUPOC/CECP students by expanding their training opportunities in order to maximize your time on the Ozarks campus. By elevating your performance as a scholar, athlete and leader, you will greatly expand the commissioning opportunities made available to you following graduation. For NUPOC/CECP cadets, service selection is all about performance as a scholar, athlete and leader and there is no better place to maximize your full potential for Navy success than to experience Greystone at the University of the Ozarks.

Performance Counts

Involvement in the Greystone program at the University of the Ozarks will not negatively interfere with any aspect of the NUPOC/CECP program. Additionally, involvement in the Greystone program will not interfere with any aspect of your Ozarks education. What Greystone will do is enhance your education and academic performance over the course of your two or four years Ozarks experience and at the end, you will not only graduate on time (rather than expanding to a 5 or 6 year degree), you will also graduate at the top of your class due to your enhanced performance as a Ozarks scholar. In addition, you will benefit from the Greystone Physical Conditioning Program and hands-on leadership training. As a member of the Greystone leadership team, you will interact with the Greystone staff and Greystone service academy candidates. As part of the Greystone program, we will also closely monitor your overall academic, athletic and leadership performance. We have had the experience of working with highly successful scholars, athletes and leaders over the past 16 years and understand what is needed for you to excel and perform at the top of your cadre – which will open service selection doors for you upon graduation when you commission as an Naval officer. Greystone is what you make of this opportunity and for you, this is your chance to excel and perform as you have never performed before.