Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks


University Education, Leadership Enhancement

Commission as an Officer

The Greystone Preparatory School is expanding our options for those students interested in pursuing their 4-year college education leading to their Bachelor’s degree and a commission as an officer in the United States Armed Forces. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard offers unique opportunities for those motivated scholars interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and upon graduation, serving in the Armed Forces as a commissioned officer. The Officer Candidate School (OCS – Army, Navy and USCG) and Officer Candidate Training (OCT - Air Force) offers qualified college graduates the opportunity to earn their college education as a full time student and upon graduation, attend a short follow-on military school where they will receive basic training as a military officer. Historically, University of the Ozarks students interested in OCS/OCT after graduation simply transitioned directly from UofO to OCS/OCT without the benefit of advanced military training while at UofO…until now!

For those UofO students interested in pursuing a commission as an officer in the Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard after graduation through the OCS/OCT program, they now can benefit significantly by their direct involvement in the Greystone program while at UofO.  The Greystone opportunity is free to all interested students and the extent of participation in the Greystone program is completely up to the individual student. Having advanced experience as a leader of character will pay a significant dividend during OCS/OCT which will expand military career opportunities once OCS/OCT is completed. Additionally, participation in the Greystone academic and athletic programs will substantially contribute to a successful OCS/OCT experience. Most importantly, involvement in Greystone while at UofO will allow OCS/OCT candidates the opportunity to gain a significant advantage over other candidates coming directly from college. Greystone OCS/OCT candidates will interact with career military officers, be afforded leadership opportunities as a member of the Greystone staff and physical conditioning that will ensure you are ready to meet all challenges in the OCS/OCT program. The intent of the Greystone program for OCS/OCT candidates is to maximize your UofO academic performance, launch your leadership experience and engage in a structured physical fitness program.

Scholar, Athlete and Leader

What Greystone is able to provide to OCS/OCT students the opportunity to enhance your Ozarks experience so that it is more meaningful and applicable to your future ambitions as a military officer. Utilizing the Greystone experience to develop high-performance study skills, time management skills, enhanced physical conditioning and fundamental leadership training so that upon graduation, they stand out academically, athletically and as leaders when they apply and then begin OCS/OCT training. By embracing the fundamentals of Greystone – structure, organization and oversight – OCS/OCT students elevate their overall performance. OCS/OCT students can maximize their Ozarks academic opportunity (higher grades translate into expanded military career opportunities), fully prepare themselves physically and hone their leadership skills as part of the Greystone leadership team. By excelling in all three areas of interest for OCS/OCT – performance as a scholar, athlete and leader, Ozarks students will stand out as an OCS/OCT candidate. For OCS/OCT students, career service selection opportunities are all about performance as a scholar, athlete and leader and there is no better place to maximize your full potential for success than to experience Greystone at the University of the Ozarks.

Performance Counts

Involvement in the Greystone program at the University of the Ozarks will not negatively interfere with any aspect of the OCS/OCT program. Involvement in the Greystone program will not interfere with any aspect of your Ozarks education. What Greystone will do is enhance your education and academic performance over the course of four years and at the end, you will not only graduate on time (rather than expanding to a 5 or 6 year degree), you will also graduate at the top of your class due to your performance as a Ozarks scholar. In addition, you will benefit from the Greystone physical conditioning program and hands-on leadership training. As a member of the Greystone leadership team, you will interact with the Greystone staff and Greystone service academy candidates. As part of the Greystone program, we will also monitor your overall academic, athletic and leadership performance. We have had the experience of working with highly motivated leaders for the past 16 years and understand what is needed for you to excel and perform at the top of your cadre – which will open service selection doors for you upon completion of your OCS/OCT program. Greystone is what you make of this opportunity and for you, this is your chance to excel and perform as you have never performed before.