Greystone Prep School is now affiliated with University of the Ozarks


University Education, Performance Enhancement

United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Course (USMC PLC)

The Greystone Preparatory School has utilized the United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Course (USMC PLC) as part of our service academy prep program for the past 16 years. Candidates pursuing their academy appointments and were unsuccessful utilized the outstanding opportunities afforded them in the USMC PLC as back-up plans to remain on track to earn their Bachelor’s degree and commission as a 2nd LT in the Marine Corps.

Scholar, Athlete and Leader

What Greystone is able to do at the University of the Ozarks is to offer any motivated student the opportunity of engaging in USMC PLC directly. By employing attributes of our unique academy prep program – the structure, organization and oversight – USMC PLC students are able to significantly elevate their performance as not only scholars, but also as athletes and leaders. USMC PLC students can maximize their Ozarks academic opportunity (higher grades translate into expanded commissioning opportunities following graduation), fully prepare themselves physically and expand their leadership skills as part of the Greystone leadership team. Excelling in all three areas – performance as a scholar, athlete and leader – our USMC PLC students are certain to stand out as exceptional candidates.

The intent of affiliating with the Greystone program is to empower all USMC PLC students to become part of the Greystone program and expand their potential. Enhancement of your performance while at Ozarks can therefore greatly expand commissioning opportunities at the end of your 4-year USMC PLC training program.

For USMC PLC cadets, service selection is all about performance as a scholar, athlete and leader and there is no better place to maximize your full potential for USMC success than to experience Greystone at the University of the Ozarks.

Performance Counts

USMC PLC is a 4-year process intended to provide summer military training to those selected college students interested in pursuing their USMC commission by way of a civilian college or university. Involvement in the Greystone program at the University of the Ozarks will not negatively interfere with any aspect of the USMC PLC training program. Let me be clear, involvement in the Greystone program will not interfere with the training you will receive through the Marine Corps. What we will do is enhance your training and education and academic performance over the course of your four years and at the end, you will not only graduate on time (rather than expanding to a 5 or 6 year degree), you will also graduate at the top of your class due to your performance as a Ozarks scholar, Greystone athlete and enhanced leader thanks to you interaction with the Greystone staff that will monitor your overall performance. We have had the experience of working with over 450 highly qualified leaders and understand what is needed for you to excel and perform at the top of your cadre – which will open service selection doors for you upon graduation when you commission as a Marine Corps officer. Greystone is what you make of this opportunity and for you, this is your chance to excel and perform as you have never performed before.